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Auctions are organized by Law n ° 2000-642 of July 10, 2000 regulating voluntary sales of furniture at public auctions, and by the Code de Commerce.

Each user of the PREMIUM PONY site acknowledges having read the General Conditions of Sale of the site which are established in compliance with the legal provisions applicable to these transactions.

The Company : 

The Premium Pony Company is a voluntary public auction sale company, approved for this purpose by the Sales Council, in accordance with the provisions of Articles L.321-4 and R.321-1 of the French Commercial Code.
An auctioneer regularly appointed by the Premium Pony Company intervenes during each sale and guarantees the legal regularity of each of them.

The Company provides transparent information and with rigorous know-how: it makes a transparent and rigorous selection of equines.
The Company acts as a sales operator and agent for the benefit of the owner-seller.

She supports the owner-seller in the sales process.

Bearing in mind an obligation of means, it implements all actions necessary for the smooth running of the auctions.

It does not exercise any control over the intrinsic qualities of equines, doses or embryos, offered for sale.

Means used :

The Company sells equidae, doses or embryos and implements the following means in particular:

Communication with interested partners;
Attractiveness of the website…. ;
Development of equines, doses of semen or embryo and products for sale or for sale;
Privileged contacts with owner-sellers and bidders…;
Administrative and legal support during the sale of the equine, doses of semen or embryo (free sales contract and English translation if necessary, referral to qualified professionals);
Fundraising from the sale of the equine, doses or embryo: secure and reassuring operation for the owner-seller and the bidder-buyer.


Sellers and users, purchasers or simple bidders engage their responsibility under the conditions provided for by law.

It is not responsible for the risks incurred by the purchasers in the context of the acquisition of an equine, doses or embryo, and it undertakes within the framework of its missions, to select with transparency the equines, doses or embryos, presented. on sale.

Sales made through the Company remain subject to the general provisions of the Civil Code with regard to the regularity of their conclusion and the conditions for their realization.
The Company is not bound by any guarantee as to the regular execution of the sales contract, nor of the specific agreements concluded between the owner-seller and the purchaser, or with the agents or service providers that the latter choose (carriers, center -techniques, veterinarians, etc.).

The owner-seller is responsible for the sale that he entrusts to the Company: he must guarantee to be the owner of the equine, embryo or doses of semen.

The Company is asking for the production of radios and veterinary parts in order to guarantee the best transparency and reliability of sales for the benefit of sellers and buyers, in an approach of quality of services.

The Company is not bound by any obligation of result towards the owner-seller and the bidder-buyer on the completion of the sale, the destination of the sale, the satisfaction given by the equine, dose or embryo.

To sell :

Any owner-seller of one or more equines (doses of semen or embryo) and who would like to auction them can contact the Company via the email address contact@premiumpony.com

The owner-seller must carry out the following procedures and steps, with the support of the Company, namely:

Complete the online pre-registration form;
Register the equine for sale online;
Submit the supporting documents required by the Company for uploading the equine animal, doses or embryos (according to the details provided on the online form);
Inform in consultation with the Company, the reserve price of the equine, doses or embryo;

The equine sales file, doses or embryo, consists in particular of the following documents: x-rays and supporting documents for the origin of the equine animal (doses or embryo), identification and health traceability.
The owner-seller is invited to produce photos and videos.

He is informed in good time by the Company of the calendar, deadlines and terms of the sale in which his equine (s) are registered.

Participate in the auction:

In order to be able to attend the sale and participate in the auction, registration on the site www.premiumpony.com, and identification in a personal space is required.
Identification and creation of personal space are free.
The user thus registered materializes his acceptance, without reservation, of these General Conditions of Sale.

The auction step is 100 euros, at the close of the auction, the bidder with the highest bid wins the sale.

Fees :

The purchaser is liable for costs on the sale price: i.e. 8.5% excluding tax (20% VAT) on the auction price
In accordance with Article L.321-14 of the Commercial Code, "In the absence of payment by the purchaser, after unsuccessful formal notice, the property is put up for sale at the request of the seller upon reiteration of the auction; if the seller does not make this request within three months of the auction, the sale is automatically terminated, without prejudice to damages owed by the defaulting buyer ".

The owner-seller fees are 6% HT (20% VAT)


Voluntary auctions are subject to the Commercial Code and the Civil Code.
Site users and bidders assume responsibility for sales and acquisitions.

Any purchaser who does not honor his payment may be subject to legal proceedings brought by the owner-seller and the Company.

Any auction action commits the one who exercises it.

Hidden or crippling defects:

Sales of equines are subject to the Rural Code, the Company is not liable for hidden defects, crippling defects or other health or identification irregularities liable to vitiate the sale.
In accordance with custom, equines, doses or embryos, presented at auction are sold without warranty, in particular for hidden defects.

The owner-seller unreservedly guarantees the purchaser against crippling defects such as they result from articles L213-1 and following, and R 213-1 and following of the French Rural Code.
He agrees to declare them before the sale.


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